Security Systems


At Covenant Security Solutions, we recognize that technology is at the heart of a fully integrated physical security platform:  design, people and systems. Our Security Systems division is committed to implementing fully integrated solutions that utilize the very best-in-class industry equipment, tools, and technology. Our boutique approach is tailored to suit the unique needs and challenges of your organization, providing you with the optimal balance of protection and cost control.  Schedule a free consultation today.

Surveillance Systems

Utilizing state-of-the-art cameras and monitoring tools, our surveillance systems provide unparalleled visibility and control. Our experts tailor these systems to your specific requirements, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Access Control Systems

Leveraging the latest in authentication and authorization technologies, we create secure access control systems that safeguard sensitive areas without impeding authorized access. Our solutions range from biometric scanners to smart card readers, all aligned with industry standards.

Advanced Intrusion Detection

Our advanced intrusion detection systems employ cutting-edge sensors and algorithms to detect unauthorized access or activities. These intelligent systems are designed to minimize false alarms while maximizing security effectiveness.


Employing the latest technologies require a comprehensive maintenance program that is cost-effective yet responsive to your needs.  Our plans are flexible based upon the needs of your physical security ecosystem with technicians certified in the most popular software applications and hardware products. 

Integrated Security Systems

Our fully vertical integrated business model permits us to offer our clients the absolute best solution at the lowest total cost of ownership.  We achieve this unique formula by providing experienced expertise in designing a physical security solution that appropriately blends expertise, security systems, monitoring, response, and people.  

Installation and Setup

We understand the vital role that proper installation and setup play in the success of security systems. Our skilled technicians and engineers meticulously configure every component to your specific needs, using industry-standard tools and best practices. Our seamless and efficient process forms the bedrock of your security success.

Why Us

Compliance with Industry Standards

We adhere strictly to industry standards, ensuring that our security systems are reliable, effective, and compatible with your existing infrastructure.

Customized Solutions

Our security experts analyze your specific needs to design and implement solutions that are uniquely suited to your organization.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Our commitment doesn’t end with implementation. We provide continuous support, regular updates, and maintenance to ensure that your security systems remain at the forefront of technological advancement.

Uncompromised Quality

We use only the best industry-standard equipment, tools, and technology, providing you with a level of quality and performance that is second to none.