Covenant Security Solutions offers premier Security Officer Services, ensuring peace of mind, service excellence and risk mitigation through our trained professionals backed by an executive team who are actually involved in the day-to-day operations.

In today’s fast-evolving world, ensuring the safety and security of our clients’ people and assets is paramount in a sustainable business model. At Covenant Security Solutions, we offer vetted and well-trained Security Officers grounded in evidence-based and industry-best security training, policies, systems, and practices.

Covenant Security Solutions is a fully integrated physical security services provider. We install and integrate cameras, access devices, learning software and cutting-edge technology to protect and monitor your assets while controlling your costs.

The modern physical security services provider has the aptitude and ability to blend people, technology, expertise and experience into a fully integrated security solutions that not only mitigates risk yet offers peace of mind while controlling costs.

Understanding risk through both the probability and impact of dangerous and unintended outcomes is not enough. Covenant Security Solutions does not talk in theory but walks in practice. We evaluate all components of the physical security ‘ecosystem.’

Covenant evaluates and strengthens our clients’ protective services (the people), environmental design (CPTED), policy and regulatory principles (SOPs), security systems, emergency management programs, tactical training (education) along with community stabilization and outreach. We fuse all of these elements in order to lower both the frequency and impact of risk factors leading to dangerous outcomes.