Employee Resources

Employee Resources at Covenant Security Solutions

At Covenant Security Solutions, we don’t just see our employees as staff; they are pivotal members driving our mission forward. It is our promise to equip and provide each employee with resources and benefits that bolster their professional journey, ensuring their well-being and continuous growth.

Bi-Weekly Pay Structure & ZayZoom Program

As a valued member of our team, you will benefit from a bi-weekly pay structure, ensuring punctual compensation for your unwavering commitment. Furthermore, our exclusive ZayZoom program empowers employees with the option to access up to one week’s pay ahead of schedule, offering essential financial flexibility when most needed.

Health and Fitness Program

We firmly believe that physical health anchors one’s holistic well-being. This belief led us to collaborate with Crunch Fitness gyms, providing a comprehensive health and fitness program. It’s our way of ensuring you remain in optimal shape and are constantly invigorated.

Retirement and 401(k) Plans

We’re invested in your long-term financial stability. This is evident in our provision for enrolling in retirement plans, inclusive of a 401(k), ensuring you’re primed for a secured financial future and a well-deserved retirement.

Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance

Your health and that of your loved ones take precedence. As an esteemed member of Covenant, you are presented with the option to register for all-encompassing health, dental, and vision insurance packages, guaranteeing immediate access to top-tier healthcare.

Cutting-Edge Tech with Officer Metrics

We understand that having the right tools is imperative to excel. Our collaboration with Guard Metrics ensures that our employees leverage state-of-the-art technology for report generation and scan points, amplifying your capability and precision in the field.

Mentorship Opportunities

We value mentorship as a key to professional growth. Our employees have opportunities to learn from experienced industry professionals. These mentorship programs provide insights, skill development, and relationships essential for advancement within our company.

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