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At Covenant Security Solutions, we are more than colleagues – we are partners in a shared mission that brings individual fulfillment and empowerment while contributing to a shared purpose. As a Highly Reliable Organization, the voices of our employees matter most: where unique individual characteristics are embraced.


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Why Covenant?

Choosing Covenant Security Solutions means embracing more than just a job – it’s a career path in an environment that champions collaboration and authenticity. Here’s what you can expect when you become part of our team:

Supportive Community

Teamwork is our cornerstone. Together, we face challenges, celebrate successes, and always have each other’s backs.


Recognizing that everyone has a life outside the office, we provide flexible arrangements that honor the need to rest, recharge, and engage in personal pursuits.

Growth Opportunities

Your growth is our growth. Benefit from tailored training and mentorship that empower you to continuously expand your horizons and thrive.

Respect and Inclusion

We’re proud of our inclusive environment where every voice matters, every contribution counts, and everyone is accorded the utmost respect.


To join the Covenant team, simply head over to our Careers page. Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button, complete the application form, and our team will review and get back to you promptly.

At Covenant, our team members enjoy a wide array of benefits and above market wages. This includes a bi-weekly pay structure with an option to access up to one week’s pay in advance through our ZayZoom program, health and fitness affiliations with local gyms, the chance to enroll in comprehensive retirement, health, dental, and vision plans, and access to the latest technology tools. We also offer vacation on day one as well as jury duty and bereavement paid-time-off. In addition, after six months of employment, we offer reimbursement for state licenses to include tuition reimbursement. We give out thousands of dollars for Key Performance Awards to recognize the commitment of our top performers. We also offer paid holidays and overtime pay.

Certainly! ZayZoom is an initiative aimed at providing our team members with added financial flexibility. It allows them to access up to one week’s pay ahead of time if needed.

After you’ve sent in your application, it’s assessed by our hiring team. If your application stands out, we’ll invite you for an interview, which can be in-person or virtual. Alongside this, there might be a background verification and other pertinent evaluations.

Absolutely. The skills, commitment, and values that veterans offer resonate with our ethos. We heartily invite veterans to explore opportunities with us.

At Covenant, we are a tight-knit unit working towards common goals. Our ethos centers around mutual respect, inclusivity, continuous growth, and camaraderie. We’re bound by strong bonds, a community spirit, and an unwavering commitment to work-life balance and individual growth.

Being part of the community, we take pride in giving back. Whether it’s securing local events, raising safety awareness, or participating in community endeavors, we are actively involved in creating a safer and harmonious environment.  For example, we participate in charity golf tournaments and provide scholarship money to our employees through our local professional associations.  A favorite event of our team is the MLK Jr. Day Parade in St. Petersburg, one of the largest and oldest parades in the country to celebrate the contributions of Martin Luther King, Jr. on civil rights.   

Absolutely. We’re passionate about nurturing talent from within. Our team members have a wealth of opportunities for upward mobility, and we always prioritize promoting from within our ranks when feasible. In fact, our Executive Managing Director started as a security officer and so have many of our managers and leaders. 

Work-life balance isn’t just a phrase for us; it’s a practice. By offering adaptable schedules, jobsites close to home, emphasizing the importance of downtime, and promoting wellness initiatives, we ensure our team thrives both in and out of work. We also offer vacation on day one as well as jury duty and bereavement paid-time-off.  Also, after one year of employment, we provide Family Medical Leave for qualified events.

Yes, mentorship is integral to our growth ethos. Our team members get the unique chance to be mentored by seasoned professionals, ensuring they gather invaluable insights and skills, paving the way for their success and progression.




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