About Us


Covenant’s promise is that of reliability. We are committed to providing the absolute best security solution for our client at the lowest total cost of ownership and at the same time treating our employees as partners in this mission. 


Covenant Security Solutions is a physical security services value-driven organization focused on individual customer-specific needs. The client and employee experiences are the focuses of Covenant. Covenant’s core objectives are to form a deep understanding of the client’s needs, bring a highly reliable and value-driven solution to those needs at the absolute lowest total cost of ownership and treat its employees as partners of the organization. Covenant provides a fully integrated solution: physical security program design/ consultation, security systems, licensed security officer and concierges.

Competitive advantage

Covenant’s Value Creation Model illustrates the service elements that drive value. Each service element plays a salient and interconnected role with the other. That is, the integration between the ten elements is critical to delivering the absolute best solution for the client at the lowest cost of total ownership. Backed by evidence-based management theories such as Six Sigma, Just Culture and High Reliability, Covenant delivers a boutique feel for its customers and employees yet with large corporation expertise and systems.

Experienced Leadership

Headquartered in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg, Covenant’s executive management team is comprised of retired law enforcement leaders, healthcare administrators, security systems integrators and private security executives.  Our executive team, together, has nearly two hundred years of professional industry experience. 



We have a deep belief system.  We trust each other; and, we are trusted by our colleagues, customers, communities and industry.


We tell the truth. We are authentic. We are transparent. We communicate even when the news is not good.


Our promise to you. We reduce errors and produce good-to-great outcomes as a Highly Reliable Organization that practices a Just Culture. 


We are great at the basics. We dress professionally. We are on-time. We are available and present when needed.


We take careful consideration of what we say. We care deeply about others; and. our empathy is illustrated in our behaviors.